Roman-tically Horrifying

A dark room filled with creepy sounds and sudden screams. And inside flickering lights reveal ghost-like beings covered with blood that sometimes walk, crawl and run towards you as if they are chasing your fears. The University of St. La Salle’s Lasallian Week would not be complete without this scene.

Lasallian week is an annual exhibit of talent and skills of USLS students through activities sponsored by academic clubs and the student government. Mass Communication Society’s Horror Room is one of the top grossing attractions during this event.

This year’s theme is Roman, a story about a sadist man who has a desire on pain and death of others. It revolves around their house that was renovated into a ‘Space for Rent’ building, here he slaughters different lives.

In the different spaces of the building has the story of the persons who rented in it. First is the tale of a frustrated ballerina teacher who trains her students in a form of punishment. Second room is a clinic where the mad doctor operates abortion to get a ‘youth serum’ to fresh fetus.

The third room is the room of an angry mother who is very impatient to her students and has a child who was possessed by different kinds of demon. The last room is of Roman were all of his killings and murder is found.

“This is the application of AB Communication students’ skills in theater acting, events management as well as marketing and advertising,” Knica Klein Kalalang, director of the horror room.

The concept of this year’s Horror Room was written by Adely Grace Tomaro and Mark Raymund Garcia. The production spearheaded by the 4th year AB Comm students and served as another event produced after the Bilib Awards and theater plays entitled ‘Tayog’ and ‘Cuerda.’

She also added that the production team had been doing workshops for the actors for almost two months participated by the freshmen aspirants and some sophomores. Proceeds of the Horror Room will go the benefit of Kalipay Negrense Foundation and for the preparation of senior’s trip to Manila.

“This is my first time to be an actor and we are very excited to scare the people who would enter the house of Roman,” Jim Lubrico one of the actors said.

The week-long celebration will be on Sept. 14 to 18. The horror room is one of the events prepared by the Mass Comm Society alongside with the Sinemasscomm that will show films made by the Communication students during their film production classes.

With this year’s theme “Tessellate: We Come as One,” University Student government will also include activities like U-splash, Ignition, Animo Show, La Salle  Gives Back and among others together with the Artist’s Hub’s the Golden Voice competition.

“I hope that this year, more people would enter the Horror Room and experience the scream and adrenaline rush brought by the story of Roman,” Kalalang added.


Author: Macoi Garcia

Storyteller. Writes for what my heart and mind says.

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