Green Lights


I’m in the middle of the road, seeing headlights approaching, I spread my arms trying to embrace it,
until the light over my head turns red… turned green again.. and there was orange. I wish I had my death that time.


I’m on the edge of the cliff, seeing the vast sea approaching, hugging… even smashing big rocks below. I spread my arms attempting to fly and fall and it starts raining. I then just realized I was drowning inside that my heartbeat is more trembling than the thunder I am hearing right now. I wish I had my death that time.


I wish I had my death those times. I was in the middle, in the climax where I suppose to have a sweet tragedy, to get rid of the noise… to hear silence… to breathe the dead air.


I crossed the other side of the street instead. I stepped back and turned to the high mountains instead. There are more intersections to pass, more hills to climb, more valleys to cross and more wisdom to take. So I decided to restart all over again.

Disclosures after Midnight. 14-02-2017

Author: Macoi Garcia

Storyteller. Writes for what my heart and mind says.

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