Garcia, Mark Raymund L-59645

Why I write? “Because I want my handwriting to be beautiful!”

That was my motivation when I started writing. I keep on repeating to write my name in a white paper a thousand times just to make my cursive handwriting style perfect. And I get bored of writing my name, thus I explored writing stories, poems and even engaged in journalism– that brought me where am I right now.

I am Macoi Garcia, a Communication major graduate and now taking new adventures in Manila. I have been writing for the school publication since high school. My literary stuff were usually hidden in my notebooks, folders and even in tissue papers whenever I get bored in a restaurant.

As I have said, I’m taking ‘New adventures’ here in Manila. Yes, far from writing, it’s performing arts (more on theater, yeah). Trying my luck and to be better when I come back in my hometown. My art journey here is very impressive– like you learn a lot from the bests in the field– but still I’m on the adjusting process.

This is my blogsite and I hope you enjoy reading my posts (though some are not aligned in your interest). You may leave your comment or email me through markraymundgarcia@gmail.com or facebook.com/markrosphere.

Enjoy and leave a mark!


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