Little Sprinkles

Twice it shines
As praised by the fireflies
Little they get to say goodbye
Euphoric ’cause of the dark sky.
Torch blooms as my soul felt
The warmth of their tight mess
Revival of sweet romancing
Dancing as they shine, even finesse.
Reflection in the paddle,
Muddy as it gets
Reminiscing the tremor,
crazy as it gets.
‘Round my neck are thorns
Feathered by unnoticed wings.
Never I have forgotten a dream
Of a thousand ships sunken:
One is for you and me.
Disclosures After Midnight, April 2015

Luna & Polaris

Poetry about the moon and the star I see every night if the weather is calm and the night is quiet.

Moon And Stars Background Brilliant are the stars.jpg

I thought of those tides
That I have been hugging a couple of times,
There was you who shone the light;
Even before I noticed you sparkle
To those nights when the ocean glitters.

I thought of those phases
After the sun share his heat to me
Thinking it was the brightest
As I was blinded by its rays;
Still there was little twinkles from you—
Appreciating my quarters, halves and crescents.

I thought of those journeys
Of the shipmen crossing the vast seas
They were fate-less, having sad sirens
Echoing above the harsh waves they saw
But I gave them light, you gave them direction.

From then on, clouds paved the way;
Oceans sang the rhythm of our gravities
Keeping us close and never the ship
Will sink and lose her navigation
And I thought of you and me– destiny.

You’re my north and I your south–
The ends and our beginnings–
That our love shall flow
And our Earth is the witness
Though seasons will mellow
I thought of you and me– forever.

To Vie & Elian.

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Flyovers. Stopovers.

Fill me with fine sand, like I’m an hourglass. In that way, I can decide how slow, how fast will the time pass. I decide when to go upside down. I decide when to end and start all over again.


Fine sands, without any traces of tiny rocks.

Fine sands, without any traces of a droplet from the rain you danced with.

Fine sands, without passing all your sins inside it.

Fine sands, so that I may feel that everything will just be fine, though the gravity decides to pull every bit at 9.8 m/s², whatever the numbers would be.


I will decide the time to not let you waste it. The time that you will be honest… it’s what you owe me. Until then, I can say your time is up, unless you put more and make the most out of it.

Disclosures after Midnight. 14-02-2017

Green Lights


I’m in the middle of the road, seeing headlights approaching, I spread my arms trying to embrace it,
until the light over my head turns red… turned green again.. and there was orange. I wish I had my death that time.


I’m on the edge of the cliff, seeing the vast sea approaching, hugging… even smashing big rocks below. I spread my arms attempting to fly and fall and it starts raining. I then just realized I was drowning inside that my heartbeat is more trembling than the thunder I am hearing right now. I wish I had my death that time.


I wish I had my death those times. I was in the middle, in the climax where I suppose to have a sweet tragedy, to get rid of the noise… to hear silence… to breathe the dead air.


I crossed the other side of the street instead. I stepped back and turned to the high mountains instead. There are more intersections to pass, more hills to climb, more valleys to cross and more wisdom to take. So I decided to restart all over again.

Disclosures after Midnight. 14-02-2017



In an instance that I will look at you,

don’t look back,

act like we’re just two strangers

walking under one celestial body.

In an instance that you will look at me,

I’ll act that you’re just a kid,

curious about everything the world has.

In an instance that we looked

at each other eye to eye,

like everything would be like in slow motion,

we’ll just act we don’t need each other’s arms…

like we just feel normal

and used to have that missing piece inside;

and accept the fact that these instances

will never lead to a happy ending story.

I’m just tired of feeling

that I should belong to you

or it will be magical to have you.

I’m tired of feeling hurt…

of feeling unloved.

Disclosures after Midnight. 14-01-2017

A Message from a dying, white rose


You picked me and smelled my scent
Like a little kid, so sweet and innocent
My thorns, you thought it’s indecent
You cut it leaving holes like cresent.
You picked me and placed on a vase
Showered me water, I’m in haze
Caressed me and melted by your gaze
Hypnotized… bloomed… amazed.
I danced like I’m the queen of the night
Turned and flipped with point and might
My leaves still swayed, I had the spotlight
Until the stage turn bright with blinding light.
“Dreamy, I feel like floating high
As the gravity forcefully sigh
My petals, my leaves cry
For salvation I let to fly.”
I missed my roots, my stem, my thorns
Where am I… bothered and torn,
My white petals, withered it turn
Like digging my grave I kissed thy scorn!
Space and time… life and death
It all had meaning when I see that wreath
My head’s still floating; I barely breathe,
Where’s the sun and rain, I want to bathe.
I’m left with my glooming petals
Who still struggle to face the lethals
Reimagining those unfaithful skulls
Who shove my soul and let my silvers dull.
I should die and you know it will come
But let me tell you, bury me in my home
Where butterflies hide during the storm
And above me, are other roses who dares to bloom.
Count the minutes that I breathe still
Hope that you fulfill my simple will
Happiness and love may be surreal
Like a broken vase where I lived after the waters were spilled.


Disclosures after Midnight. 29-11-2016

My Setbacks

Tan skin mixed with
a toned shape of his body.
Hazel eyes that I’m uncertain
if it remains closed
or barely opened.
I remember you
not the way you looked
but the way you smiled on things;
In your love of art
The way you sing, dance
and write thoughts about love.
Simple as it is but lovely as I get it.
You were deeper…
beautiful being I want to cling to.
rose petals fall unto you.
Disclosures after Midnight. 28-10-2016