Luna & Polaris

Poetry about the moon and the star I see every night if the weather is calm and the night is quiet.


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I thought of those tides
That I have been hugging a couple of times,
There was you who shone the light;
Even before I noticed you sparkle
To those nights when the ocean glitters.

I thought of those phases
After the sun share his heat to me
Thinking it was the brightest
As I was blinded by its rays;
Still there was little twinkles from you—
Appreciating my quarters, halves and crescents.

I thought of those journeys
Of the shipmen crossing the vast seas
They were fate-less, having sad sirens
Echoing above the harsh waves they saw
But I gave them light, you gave them direction.

From then on, clouds paved the way;
Oceans sang the rhythm of our gravities
Keeping us close and never the ship
Will sink and lose her navigation
And I thought of you and me– destiny.

You’re my north and I your south–
The ends and our beginnings–
That our love shall flow
And our Earth is the witness
Though seasons will mellow
I thought of you and me– forever.

To Vie & Elian.

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My Setbacks

Tan skin mixed with
a toned shape of his body.
Hazel eyes that I’m uncertain
if it remains closed
or barely opened.
I remember you
not the way you looked
but the way you smiled on things;
In your love of art
The way you sing, dance
and write thoughts about love.
Simple as it is but lovely as I get it.
You were deeper…
beautiful being I want to cling to.
rose petals fall unto you.
Disclosures after Midnight. 28-10-2016

Kids in their big realities

We had an outreach program at the Sto. Niño Orphanage, located at Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod City. The event was filled with fun and excitement as Sir Entila’s classes in RS3 gave goods and food to the children and have fun with them. The kids also share their talents as some of them sings pop songs. Outreaching to them was inspiring as we hear their stories from where did they came from and how do they struggle at their young age. We share stories and thoughts to them to make them inspired by us as they inspire us a lot too.10717523_10204971261379484_1699648460_n

I met a girl named Marissa Pelagio. She is eight years old and in grade three. She studies at the Queen of Peace Elementary School located and Brgy. Singcang-Airport, Bacolod City. Together with his brother Gian, six years old, they have gone a lot more than what a child should undergo. Their mother died and their father seldom go to see them because “he has a work”. Teary and shy when she talks about it, she wanted to be a nurse and she didn’t answer why. They play ‘unders’ during non-school days and bond with his brother. She is satisfied with the care of the sisters to them but she really misses her parents.

In that moment, I realize many things about my life and their lives. We should be thankful to have a family when we were child because I can see to them how lucky we are to have parents. I could see to them that they wanted also those things and all we could do to them is to help them and create smiles in their faces. I am very lucky to talk with those precious children as they willingly share their thoughts to us. They really made me grow more and think of the things that I have not just to be contented but also to be happy with it. I cannot see their future but thank God they are strong enough to conquer the reality they have now and just enjoy their childhood. I am sad to what happened to them but I know God has a purpose and in that purpose comes the love from other people and care that fulfills what should their parents could give them. I don’t blame their parents because I don’t know where they are coming from or what their motivation is. I pray to God the best for those children that they could reach their goals and dreams in life. Nevertheless, I am lucky to talk with them even in a while.10723483_10204961034003806_1520140116_n