Luna & Polaris

Poetry about the moon and the star I see every night if the weather is calm and the night is quiet.


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I thought of those tides
That I have been hugging a couple of times,
There was you who shone the light;
Even before I noticed you sparkle
To those nights when the ocean glitters.

I thought of those phases
After the sun share his heat to me
Thinking it was the brightest
As I was blinded by its rays;
Still there was little twinkles from you—
Appreciating my quarters, halves and crescents.

I thought of those journeys
Of the shipmen crossing the vast seas
They were fate-less, having sad sirens
Echoing above the harsh waves they saw
But I gave them light, you gave them direction.

From then on, clouds paved the way;
Oceans sang the rhythm of our gravities
Keeping us close and never the ship
Will sink and lose her navigation
And I thought of you and me– destiny.

You’re my north and I your south–
The ends and our beginnings–
That our love shall flow
And our Earth is the witness
Though seasons will mellow
I thought of you and me– forever.

To Vie & Elian.

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Where did it go?

I miss you.

IMG_20160501_181507.jpgI miss you.
Your smell, the way I look into your dark brown eyes
and the way you curve your lips
like a crescent shining bright in my night sky.
I miss you .
Like I wanna hold you ’til forever.
But if I will, I’m afraid that you will be suffocated
and will feel nothing but the tension I put into that hands.
I’m afraid to miss you.
But I can’t hold that feeling.
I miss you.
I really miss you.
Disclosures after Midnight. 17-10-2016